Monday, January 26, 2009

SOL002 - Disconnected

Show Notes:

  • Charter Communications Internet has been down since yesterday afternoon. I've tweeted about it and, unlike Comcast Network, Charter Communications doesn't seem to have a Twitter presence. Disappointed.
  • Overall, Charter Communications Internet has performed flawlessly, have had more glitches with cable TV end.
  • Experiencing Net withdrawal???
  • Eye fatigue caused me to get specially tinted lenses for computer use. Also bought new prescription sunglasses that wrap around sides protecting eyes from UV rays.
  • Former Dodger manager Tommy Lasorda's favorite Chinese cuisine haunt.
  • Mom won't leave her house. Senior citizens tend to cocoon as they age.
  • Significance of relationships even business relationships
  • Breathing meditation to reduce anxiety
  • Do you have a back up service for Internet connectivity? Recommendation?

  • Thanks to Kevin Inscoe for explanation of VPN (Virtual Private Network) uses and implementation. Read his excellent article!

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